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Satellite Reception Parameters

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No Reception, what do I do:
First, is the antenna is pointing at 1 deg West (for IS10-02) and is the antenna connected to the receiver? Seek local assistance to confirm this.

Is the system working? Can you see any of the permanent channels from 1 deg West? e.g.
11247 Mhz, Vertical, 24500 SR, 7/8 FEC, DVB or DVBS – QPSK. (NB: This is a scrambled channel, you will not see pictures, but you will see a signal quality indication)
Lifestyle - 11716 Mhz, Horizontal, 24500 SR, 7/8 FEC, DVB or DVBS – QPSK

If you can see permanent channels, check you are tuning in at the right time.  Some people are confused with the time references GMT / BST.  In the UK our clocks are set to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) except between. 
27th March to 30th October in 2016.
26th March to 29th October in 2017.
During these dates above the UK clocks are set to BST (British Summer Time). If you have any doubt of what the time is now, check here

If you can see permanent channels and you are tuning at the right time, now check the parameters for the event you are looking for. Do you have the right frequency, polarisation, FEC?  Make sure the modulation is set correctly.  DVB or DVBS (they are the same thing) - or DVBS2.  The other parameter to check is QPSK or 8PSK.
If you can’t see the permanent channels (i.e. you are getting nothing at all on your receiver) then there is a fundamental problem. Check the antenna connections, reboot the receiver or change to a spare receiver. If it’s still unserviceable contact your in-house support.

Here is a list of the commonly asked questions we encounter when operating digital cinema event helplines.  If you are having difficulties with reception you must go through all these tips before you call a Helpline.  For further information you can read our blog where we immediately publish any transmission issues that may be affecting you collectively.  You can also follow us on twitter