Signal Breaking Up:
Do you have bad weather? Is your dish aligned? Is your receiver overheating?
For help and assistance with signal breakup, call the Powwow helpline for assistance. 0844 4 737373 in UK (PIN to access the conference is usually: 270661.  Picturehouse/Cityscreens use PIN 110688).  Other access numbers for Powwow are here.

Icecrypt scans but doesn’t find channel:
This is usually due to the receivers channel database being full. To correct this you need to clear all of your saved channels for the satellite you are using. The user manual refers, if you don’t have the manual you can download a copy from here

Fortec Star scans but doesn’t find channel:
This is usually due to the parameters being already stored in a channel memory. Go to channel menu and select each stored channel one by one, eventually you will find what you are looking for.  (Assuming the system is working in the first place).

Out of Sync:
The usual fix is, tune up or down a channel, then tune back, (a bit like changing channels on your TV at home) thus making the receiver re lock to the content. This usually sorts it. If not, ask yourself which type of receiver it is: Humax HDCI 2000 appears to be less stable than other common receivers

No Audio (but pictures):
Check connections and Cinema audio system. Try to confirm audio is coming out of receiver (using the analogue outputs). Try a receiver reboot (power off then back on a gain after a minute or so), this will often sort it

No Pictures (but audio): 
Check connections out of receiver and routing to projector. Try the analogue video out on a separate monitor. If there are still no pictures, reboot the receiver

Dish 1

Satellite Reception Parameters

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